Shaunta I deeply disagree with your article, I think a lot of the other responses already touch on where I disagree.

I have written a story that offers an opposite view to yours, please view here, I would appreciate your opinion (and anyone else's).

In general I think you’re are too quick to label Rowling and put her in a box on one side of the binary opposition; good person/bad person.

Surely you agree that not every single thing a person says or writes is reducible to a moral judgment of their character? An individual can hold philosophical beliefs on the nature of sex and gender that bear no relation to how they would treat a person of said sex or gender…just because I believe I have soul, but my friend thinks we just have brains, it doesn’t mean I dislike him for this, or that I would label him as a bad person and not spend time with him. Our beliefs are detached from our relations.

Not to be too over the top, but I really feel like you (and a lot of other media to boot) are subjecting Rowling to something akin to a witch-hunt — trying to punish her for embodying something that does not exist. You cant demonise someone on the basis of their beliefs, that is, basically, like enacting a witch-hunt.

Remember JK Rowling is a person too, just like you, me, your niece and everyone else in this world. She’s not just a label (e.g. pro trans or anti trans). None of us are just labels. We’re humans, how about we starting treating each other like that..?

Twenty-nine years old. Living in Carlisle in England. Graduate in Philosophy. Caregiver. Christian. Writer. Contact:

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