Hi Stephanie,

It’s nice to hear from you, I hope you’re doing as well as can be during this pandemic!

Thank you for reading the article and commenting : ) I really like that phrase you mention — don’t be so humble, that you’re not that great — I think you’re right, humility doesn’t have to mean that we stop looking at ourselves positively, just that we don’t look at ourselves as superior/better than anyone else I guess.

Like you say, I have to continually remind myself that we are all equal as well, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of feeling less-than others because society seems to adore/applaud certain things more than others (money, power, etc.)

All the best!


Twenty-nine years old. Living in Carlisle in England. Graduate in Philosophy. Caregiver. Christian. Writer. Contact: antonypinol22@gmail.com

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