Hi Ayodeji, I think you are being unduly critical of some important human qualities in your story, things like empathy and being selfless are qualities that we should all aspire towards if we want a meaningful life, they are not purely the manifestation of a martyr complex they are qualities that help us reach beyond ourselves so we can connect authentically with other people. I’m sure you would agree with this? Some of your other articles seem to celebrate such altruistic qualities…

I have written a story in response to yours, which offers an alternative look at empathy and tries to describe why it is something we should aspire to attain, I would appreciate it if you (or anyone else) would have a look and give me your thoughts:


Antony Pinol

Twenty-nine years old. Living in Carlisle in England. Graduate in Philosophy. Caregiver. Christian. Writer. Contact: antonypinol22@gmail.com

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