Hi Alexander (is Alex ok for short?),

That is a very interesting perspective that you give, maybe it shows that the part of the benefit I’m getting from being friends with people in the older generation is that they offer a different perspective on life?

I’m sure that when I have got along really well with people my own age it is often people who have lived very differently to myself and it’s so interesting learning about our differences, while still sharing a connection because we’re both just two human beings…I can remember having a good friend who was a co-worker at an old job, he was my age but was born in spain and trained to become a veterinary surgeon — he was so different to me in a lot of respects, but we got on well.

thanks again for the comment!

all the best,

Antony Pinol

Twenty-nine years old. Living in Carlisle in England. Graduate in Philosophy. Caregiver. Christian. Writer. Contact: antonypinol22@gmail.com

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