Great article Jonas, thanks for writing it. Don’t you think though that there is a special kind of work that needs to go into our ‘vertical’ relationship with God, not the kind of work that we enact through other people, but work of a more spiritual kind — prayer, reflection on how our relationship with God is doing (have we drifted in our relationship, for what reasons etc)- and to look past such work puts an individual at risk of letting their ego decide what would make for a good Christian life, without giving any thought to whether what they are doing is really in line with and motivated by God, I really think that a ton of work needs to be done on this ‘vertical’ plane to ensure that our Christian actions really have god-motivated substance to them…if that makes sense?

But, again, the article was really insightful, it made me think, so thank you and god bless!

Twenty-nine years old. Living in Carlisle in England. Graduate in Philosophy. Caregiver. Christian. Writer. Contact:

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